About St. David

Descriptive Background and Demographics.

The St.Davidcohas institution is situated in Ubungo Municipal at Kimara Temboni about 17 kilometers from Dar es Salaam city center on the left side 1 km off the road to Uptown Country. The institution is owned by the board of trustees whose main Office is in Dar es Salaam. St. David College of Health Sciences is an institution that was established in June 2016. The college to-date has one programs: Clinical Medicine. The graduates of the College at the end of their training are awarded Basic & Technician Certificates (for NTA levels 4 & 5).

St. David College of Health Sciences (st.davidcohas) is a full registered institution with NACTE registration number REG/HAS/170.


The Vision of the St. David College is “To enhance our National and International recognition as a Health and Allied Science College of the high rank, known for the excellence of our teaching, research and service”.


Our mission at St. David College is “To produce competent health care personnel of high academic potential with a health education of exceptional quality focusing on developing professional skills and habits”.

Our motto

Excellence in healthcare education